6 easy steps to apply eye make-up in Dubai style

The confusing part is what to apply first eye shadow or eyeliner?  Many beauty bloggers or make-up experts find this topic to be confusing because they believe it all actually depends on the quality of the make-up or the look.

Well, it is actually true that there is a certain level of creativity when applying make-up and the people living in Dubai are highly creative as they always look so flawless with all that eye make-up on their face.

To apply eye make-up in Dubai style or to follow the eye make-up trend in Dubai, here are 6 easy steps for you to ponder upon.

Step 1: Use an eye shadow primer

Before applying eye make-up, use a good primer on your lids. Take a small amount of primer and apply it over your lids and then blend it smoothly up to your brow bone. It should always be used early to get a more subtle look.

Step 2: Use eye shadow

Well, there is a variety of eye shade palettes that you can buy through stores offering makeup online in Dubai. Choose the best one according to your make-up routine. Try applying a shimmery eye shade or darker shades along your lash line and lids.

Step 3: Add eyeliner

The next thing is to use liquid eyeliner. You can also go for waterproof eyeliner to get the sharpest winged eyeliner look. Most people in Dubai use liquid eyeliner, they say its long lasting and works like magic.

Step 4: Tightline your eyes

Create an invisible eyeliner effect by pulling up your eyelid gently to reveal the space below your lashes and then try filling it with a smooth eyeliner pencil to have an instant darker and fuller look.

Step 5: Curl lashes

Use a good mascara to curl your lashes. Also, try using a lash curler. Just hold your lashes between the clamps while keeping your eyes open, close the clamp and hold it for few more seconds. After releasing the clamp, repeat it again once in the middle of your lashes and once at the tips to have a complete curled look on your lashes.

Step 6: Apply mascara

Opt for a good mascara. You can also try waterproof mascara that offers volume and length both. Just sweep the brush on the tips of your lashes and lift them up as coat it fully. At the end, don’t forget to apply matte lipstick in Dubai.

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