Laws and acts in Canada

Canada happens to be an open country with multicultural religious and believes there are many associations with different people from all around the world. There are many rules laws and acts in the justice system of Canada, most of which are also followed by the Canadian consulate in Abu Dhabi. The First Act which we are going to discuss is access to Information Act. In this act, the Canadian Government and the law represents and expresses the accountability and transparency of Federal institution to promote an open and democratic society. It further enables the public to depend on the conduct of those institution which represents the freedom of speech act the Canadian government provide the right to access of information to their public to their citizens in an open way because they want the people to know second law and act is Canadian Evidence Act.

 This law is regarding criminal proceedings and civil proceedings and other matters related to the parliament the next one is the Constitution Act. The Canadian government provides the rights and freedoms to their public. In this act there are so many other kinds of freedom that a government can give to their public institutions there is freedom of conscience and religion freedom of expression freedom of thought belief opinion freedom of peace assembly and freedom of association but this act the citizens of Canada feels what’s right and what’s wrong what the help of this act the Canadian citizens have full rights to speak whatever they like at any time at any place. 

There is another act named as Human rights act. In this act the authority of Canada provides rights to their individual to know their limits and action. For example, they can’t discriminate someone else’s race, color, religion, age, gender or any other status. By this the characteristics of behavior has changed a lot since this act has happened. The laws and acts are so well designed and defined that all the citizens are well informed about the implementation of laws. Still there are some people all around the world who doesn’t understand the word law but Canada is in the fast lane of development and progress. Their government is the key to their current success they accommodate their civilians in the best way possible and mostly undergraduates and postgraduates are looking to move in Canada for better life and bright future. That’s why Canada is strict in their laws. This applies to the UK too, which you will find when you apply for your UK visa from Abu Dhabi.

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